Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I head to a conference tomorrow, bleh.  Don't get me wrong, it will be beneficial for me, but I am a home body and dread leaving my babies :( 

His Majesty doesn't take care of them the way I do.  I fear I will return home after 3 days away to find an overrun and very stinky litter boxes, sink full of dishes, trashcan full of pizza boxes and empty chip bags, socks strewn (some chewed, some missing) throughout the house, empty water bowls, and hairball tumbleweeds wafting across the floor.....uhhhhhh can you tell I've been there?

I just finished packing, but more importantly I finished picking my knitting projects.  I know it will be a short trip, but you never know what you may run into....so I'm taking a scrappy yarn scarf (just a linen stitch scarf), a pair of fingerless mitts, and a beret :)  and a big coffee mug!

I will miss my babies :(  keep your fingers crossed that their daddy lets them on the bed so they don't feel sad.

Oh yeah, I tortured myself by googling yarn stores where I am going and there are 2 BIG ones that I will not get to visit...boohoo! 

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