Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Frogged it....:(

Short note here, because I am in mourning for the evening. I had to frog my lovely feather and fan shawl. :(:(:( It was a sad event, but had to be done. The pattern just didn't look right and wasn't the right size either. So, a froggin we will go...I ripped it all out and am getting ready to start all over. At least the sun came out today. That's a plus.

And it was the last day as the Nutrition teaching banana, what a relief. It was fun while it lasted, but was getting tedious! I couldn't see out of the costume! And the jokes were getting old....the list goes on and on, you can imagine. So, back to plain ole school nurse tomorrow :)

So, I will get to knitting while HOUSE is on (love that show) and then catch some zzzzzzs. If I can sleep with my huge toad belly! I made chicken and dumplings tonight with baked sweet potatoes, green beans and biscuits. Yes, I know...biscuits and dumplings???? I couldn't help it, I have PMS...nuff said!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just because I'm handsome...

Truman is so very handsome, thus he must be shown every now and then. Here - with THEBAG. He has been helping me start a Feather and Fan shawl this afternoon. He was a huge help in taking the skein and making a ball and continued to share his skill in casting on. Though, he did take a few naps in between the work and just gave in when it came to dyeing some wool. What he really wanted was to climb into the bag. Why do cats love tiny bags for sleeping bags?

But, I'm sure I can count on him when I begin to wind that wool, which will be made into huge poppies then felted. How fun!!!! I will also at some point make a cat bed for the little devil...

Just because I'm handsome...

Truman is so very handsome, thus he must be shown every now and then. Here - with THEBAG. He has been helping me start a Feather and Fan shawl this afternoon. He was a huge help in taking the skein and making a ball and continued to share his skill in casting on. Though, he did take a few naps in between the work and just gave in when it came to dyeing some wool. What he really wanted was to climb into the bag. Why do cats love tiny bags for sleeping bags?

But, I'm sure I can count on him when I begin to wind that wool, which will be made into huge poppies then felted. How fun!!!! I will also at some point make a cat bed for the little devil...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh my gosh..it works again! Come back, I'm here!

Thanks for paying the blog bill!!! I was about to start a telethon to raise money to post my pictures! Hooray! Okay, weed through the confetti and check out these 3 pics before they disappear. This may all be a cruel joke or tease. "Let's let them think it is working. They will spend all this time posting and then BAM we will knock it down" (laughter of a cruel nature in the background).

Above are the finds I have been promising. The beautiful VAlentine's cake plate for a mere $7.00!!! Thanks TJMaxx, I love that store! Then you will see the silk sari threads from ebay that I have yet to comb into roving, but it is on my list!!! Don't you have one of those lists? And finally the bag, THEBAG. I just adore it! I have my knitting in it to take to work and it is the perfect size and has gotten compliments and ooohhhs, because people do not know about felting. Yes, that is true, they don't know what it means. DH works in engineering and the women he is with everyday don't know what felting is, means, looks like.... amazing. I thought I was sheltered!

So, that's what is happening with me right now. Getting ready to hit the salon (or say-lonnie as I refer to it) to massage some strangers. Better go throw some coffe in the pot. Right now I am loving this chocolate macademia nut I bought at TJMAXX(again love it) and it is tasty for someone that hates coffee :) Then I will work on my list this afternoon and make some chicken and dumplings AND banana bread, since I have mushy bananas in the bowl...don't want to waste them.

So, dyeing of the wool will take place around here, little knitting in between cleaning and then some spinning. Yes girls, I have a rocking Saturday planned. I may even throw in my Johnny Cash Walk the LIne movie I have yet to watch.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did someone forget to pay the blog bill?

Here we are again...no pictures. Did someone not pay the blog pic bill? I was over at the yahoo spindler's site and someone mentioned that their photo album was not posting. I then read from another member that there were some server issues taking place. Think that's our problem?

Well, I am racking up pics and no place to put them. I'm kind of boring without the pics!!!! The geisha socks are pitiful at this point and I have decided to just frog like crazy and start something else :( moment of silence please...

I just can't bear to look at them. So, guess that yarn (which is pastel colorful crazy) will be a spring scarf - stop yawning! Now, I do have a gorgeous yarn that is about 100grams and very light, almost fingering, that I'm trying to think of a pattern for...don't know what it will be. However, I'm leaning towards a nice light shawl. I just have to figure what will not take too much yarn, since I can't get another like it. I purchased it a the Southeastern Fiber Fair back in October. Someday you may get to see it ;)

Today I was the big banana in nutrition class and they went over great. The kids actually listened! I will be doing an encore presentation to more classes tomorrow and Tuesday. Those teachers decided I needed to pay them a visit as well. So, the big banana continues!!!

On depressing news, been reviewing my school options for my BSN degree and I am disgusted. Why do colleges refuse so many transferring credits? Give me a break!! I will be going back all over again by the time I am done!!!! Not to mention the money I will be forking over to get it...ugh!!!!!!!! I just want to remain dumb and clueless!!!

Well, I will continue to try and load pics, but it looks like I will be drawing them from now on folks. Maybe if we pitch in we can afford to hire someone to fix it!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

weeelllll...still no blog pic posting, wassup? So read...

I promised pictures and I found the camera and now I can't download them to the site. I am seething at this point in time. Not sure what is happening in the technical field, as you know I am computer illiterate. ANyway, when the pic part works I will post them.

Now, I have silk thread from recycled saris that I got from ebay in abolutely gorgeous colors. I shall comb these into my roving and give them a spin. Please keep your fingers crossed for me while I attempt to conquer this task. I am definitely reaching beyond my comfort zone with this, but gotta live a little. I am feeling fairly confident, because I went to the Spinning Guild meeting today and had encouraging words about my wheel and spinning. Sooooooo, I shall implement the tips I was given on the Spawn of Satan and see if that makes a difference. I did find out that the previous owner of my wheel made quite a few changes with the tension and brake bands, bearings, treadle, etc. and that is part of why I was having difficulty. Of course, the other part was me :) But I have been shown what to change the bands to and given some drafting and tension tricks to use and think (key word...think) this will work. I have implemented them, but haven't bit the bullet and tried it yet.

See, I work for a living :) and it is getting in my way of fun right now. Like an idiot, I decided to open up my Nurse's Nutrition classes to all grades at my 2 schools. Stupid, stupid, stupid...not thinking this meant a different lesson plan and activity for each grade. Duh!!! Now I have 10 classes to teach tomorrow, dressed as a big banana!!!! What a hoot that will be. Next time I think all gung-ho just slap me. The good thing is career day in a few weeks. I will be talking about nursing, BUT ALSO have been asked to bring my wheel and demonstrate. Cool beans! I must say that the guild meeting was great and the ladies were wonderful and I am hoping they will have a sock workshop to teach me. Because I can't figure out my pattern. It is foreign and my sock kind of looks like something the cat would wear on it's head. Ick!

The guild meeting was in another town, that has some great stores, so of course I had to shop a few. I found this beautiful cake stand shaped like a heart (how sweet!) and it was on CLEARANCE!!! Magic words!!!!! Had to buy it. I couldn't just walk on by, could I? Could you walk by yarn. Nope, didn't think so. Anyway, I have it on the table, where I can admire for a few days. And just for the occasion of a new cake stand, I have an Obscene Chocolate Cake in the oven right now. In 48 more minutes I will be eating cake and drinking a cold glass of milk. Come on over!!!!!
WEll, I will go back to trying to fix the pic part. I think the wheel has rubbed off on it!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

My blog is broken...

I have tried on several occasions since last night to post pics, that I promised, but can't get the blog to post. So, I will try and try again. And in a way, this is a test blog of sorts. I will post a pic of handsome Truman and see if that works and then keep posting as I can. So here he is, maybe...no. Photos aren't posting. I'll keep trying. *&%$# makes me mad.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spinning class tomorrow, beware evil wheel...

Okay, still no camera. I think the cats confiscated it, since I follow them around snapping away. They are at that mom embarrasses us stage. But I'll keep looking, because I have a pile of stuff to post.

I have been busy baking, cleaning, dying, and knitting this week. It's been a pretty good time! Made some tasty Pumpkin Cranberry Mini Muffins, Sirloin Veggie Soup, and will be making a Banana Walnut Upside Down Pound Cake tomorrow. Also, of much more importance - I will be going to the Spinning Guild tomorrow. Oh yes...I will be going to class to try and conquer the Spawn of Satan wheel. Her days, or should I say hours, are numbered!!!!!

I did take the 2 bobbins of yarn I had spun (what a kinked up joke of cat hair) and dyed them with lemon-lime koolaid today. I have a nice muted green yarn, that I have no clue what to do with. Maybe some of those cute fingerless wrist warmers I have seen patterns for everywhere else.

I have also been blog surfing quite a bit. I must say hi to Laura, who sent me a comment that she too is addicted to the blogs, but should be knitting instead of surfing. Amen sister, but it is like a drug...have to read them.

Okay, I'm going to hunker down and get some sleep, so I will be fresh for class tomorrow.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

where are the pictures?

Yes, where are the promised pictures of the finished bag that I so lovingly felted? Well, let me find the camera and I will take and post :) It seems to have disappeared in this mess of a house. The cathair tumbleweeds have taken over for the time being and I think the camera is tumbling with them. So, when I find the camera I will take the pics and show you that I did finish...it isn't a lie...promise. AND I will show you the beautiful silk fibers I purchased from ebay to blend into some roving and spin. Okay, stop laughing...I can do this.

Now, off to find some ice cream. I have a sweet craving...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

THE BAG is almost finished...just needs a good beating.

Well, I have had a busy week and have completely neglected my blog. But not quite sure that anyone is out there reading it anyway, so guess it doesn't matter. I read blogs every day!! I'm addicted and have a list of those I must check over my bran flakes in the morning. Someday I will figure out how to list them and clue you in on the action.

So what are these pics of? Thanks for asking...
here is the bag. Yes, the bag I have been knitting off and on for about 900 years. Okay, I might have stretched that timeline a tad, but it has felt like 900 years. As I type it is going into the washer with some jeans and a fast/fast setting to felt. You can't tell from the pic, but when stretched to it's actual size it measures top to bottom 26 inches. And the blob at the top is the handles that will felt as well. Now, the last one I knitted shrunk to about 14.5 inches. Cool huh? I will post the completed bag when it dries. I am so glad I finished :) I deserve the ice cream I am eating!

Now, I will begin the socks. I am dreading them and excited about them. And nervous...I also bought the wrong size needles! I should have gotten 3mm, but got 3.75. Debating what to do - make or go buy a different size. These are flip-flop socks, so cute. I may just make and see what happens.

Okay, off to oversee the felting process. I just finished washing and spinning some wool I recycled from a sweater. NOw it is hanging ALL OVER the house to dry. And Maggie Cat has taken to climbing into my roving box and eating the fleece. THat has to find a shelf away from her! Unless she can come up with a sheep for me to shear, she has to stay out. I refuse to share my roving.

I'll be back...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A knitting we will go and don't forget the toes...

Yes, I have been knitting the past 2 days with passion. BAsically, I want to finally finish this bag, so I can felt it!!! It's getting a little boring and I want to try and start my flip-flop socks :) Yes, socks...I'm nuts.
I have also been busy giving myself a pedicure. I'm too cheap to get a pedicure right now, so I'm doing it myself :) Not as good as the salon, but I can live with them right now, since it is still cold out and I'm not showing my tootsies to anyone.

I have also been spinning today and saying a few choice words to the Spawn of Satan wheel. Did discover that the orifice had a nasty burr and it is a possibility that was causing some problems with yarn uptake. Though, after being filed down it is still giving me trouble. BUT I AM STILL trying to work with her...so depressing.

Now, off to find some dinner and upload some pics to amaze or humor you with...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My ball winder is on fire...watch out ebay

I have busily been winding DK weight chenille yarn into balls with my ball winder. How did I live without it? It is wonderful and makes lovely balls of yarn, which I will put on ebay to fund the purchase of more yarn :) It's a vicious cycle!!!
Steadily progressing on the tote. Needs to be 26 inches in length before felting, and I think I am aobut 20 inches as we speak. Yeah!!! I will post before and after felting photos to amaze you all!!
Thought I was going to get to go to Asheville this past weekend, which meant a trip to a nice yarn store, but it didn't happen :( My dreams of playing in piles of roving and yarn were dashed. Maybe I will get to go this weekend, though I am working my part time gig. Valentine's Day brought forth many purchased gift certificates for massages...meaning I have people holding little slips of paper stating they get a massage from me. Also meaning, I will be busy on Saturdays for a while. Hey, as long as the moolah is there I will be happy. Unlike last year and the money somehow disappeared out of the cash drawer for 5 of my gift certificates. Yes 5!!! How does that happen!!!???? Anyway, I am keeping a close eye on the $$$$ this time.

Okay, it's American Idol night, so I should be knitting and watching right now. I have missed 15 minutes already, so I gotta get going...and I need to practice of the Spawn of Satan some more. I have a career day April 7th I have to go to and she wants me to bring my wheel. She feels this will be more exciting than nursing! Although, I will be discussing nursing as well, should since I am their school nurse :)