Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did someone forget to pay the blog bill?

Here we are pictures. Did someone not pay the blog pic bill? I was over at the yahoo spindler's site and someone mentioned that their photo album was not posting. I then read from another member that there were some server issues taking place. Think that's our problem?

Well, I am racking up pics and no place to put them. I'm kind of boring without the pics!!!! The geisha socks are pitiful at this point and I have decided to just frog like crazy and start something else :( moment of silence please...

I just can't bear to look at them. So, guess that yarn (which is pastel colorful crazy) will be a spring scarf - stop yawning! Now, I do have a gorgeous yarn that is about 100grams and very light, almost fingering, that I'm trying to think of a pattern for...don't know what it will be. However, I'm leaning towards a nice light shawl. I just have to figure what will not take too much yarn, since I can't get another like it. I purchased it a the Southeastern Fiber Fair back in October. Someday you may get to see it ;)

Today I was the big banana in nutrition class and they went over great. The kids actually listened! I will be doing an encore presentation to more classes tomorrow and Tuesday. Those teachers decided I needed to pay them a visit as well. So, the big banana continues!!!

On depressing news, been reviewing my school options for my BSN degree and I am disgusted. Why do colleges refuse so many transferring credits? Give me a break!! I will be going back all over again by the time I am done!!!! Not to mention the money I will be forking over to get it...ugh!!!!!!!! I just want to remain dumb and clueless!!!

Well, I will continue to try and load pics, but it looks like I will be drawing them from now on folks. Maybe if we pitch in we can afford to hire someone to fix it!!!

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