Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My ball winder is on out ebay

I have busily been winding DK weight chenille yarn into balls with my ball winder. How did I live without it? It is wonderful and makes lovely balls of yarn, which I will put on ebay to fund the purchase of more yarn :) It's a vicious cycle!!!
Steadily progressing on the tote. Needs to be 26 inches in length before felting, and I think I am aobut 20 inches as we speak. Yeah!!! I will post before and after felting photos to amaze you all!!
Thought I was going to get to go to Asheville this past weekend, which meant a trip to a nice yarn store, but it didn't happen :( My dreams of playing in piles of roving and yarn were dashed. Maybe I will get to go this weekend, though I am working my part time gig. Valentine's Day brought forth many purchased gift certificates for massages...meaning I have people holding little slips of paper stating they get a massage from me. Also meaning, I will be busy on Saturdays for a while. Hey, as long as the moolah is there I will be happy. Unlike last year and the money somehow disappeared out of the cash drawer for 5 of my gift certificates. Yes 5!!! How does that happen!!!???? Anyway, I am keeping a close eye on the $$$$ this time.

Okay, it's American Idol night, so I should be knitting and watching right now. I have missed 15 minutes already, so I gotta get going...and I need to practice of the Spawn of Satan some more. I have a career day April 7th I have to go to and she wants me to bring my wheel. She feels this will be more exciting than nursing! Although, I will be discussing nursing as well, should since I am their school nurse :)

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