Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh my works again! Come back, I'm here!

Thanks for paying the blog bill!!! I was about to start a telethon to raise money to post my pictures! Hooray! Okay, weed through the confetti and check out these 3 pics before they disappear. This may all be a cruel joke or tease. "Let's let them think it is working. They will spend all this time posting and then BAM we will knock it down" (laughter of a cruel nature in the background).

Above are the finds I have been promising. The beautiful VAlentine's cake plate for a mere $7.00!!! Thanks TJMaxx, I love that store! Then you will see the silk sari threads from ebay that I have yet to comb into roving, but it is on my list!!! Don't you have one of those lists? And finally the bag, THEBAG. I just adore it! I have my knitting in it to take to work and it is the perfect size and has gotten compliments and ooohhhs, because people do not know about felting. Yes, that is true, they don't know what it means. DH works in engineering and the women he is with everyday don't know what felting is, means, looks like.... amazing. I thought I was sheltered!

So, that's what is happening with me right now. Getting ready to hit the salon (or say-lonnie as I refer to it) to massage some strangers. Better go throw some coffe in the pot. Right now I am loving this chocolate macademia nut I bought at TJMAXX(again love it) and it is tasty for someone that hates coffee :) Then I will work on my list this afternoon and make some chicken and dumplings AND banana bread, since I have mushy bananas in the bowl...don't want to waste them.

So, dyeing of the wool will take place around here, little knitting in between cleaning and then some spinning. Yes girls, I have a rocking Saturday planned. I may even throw in my Johnny Cash Walk the LIne movie I have yet to watch.

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