Saturday, March 11, 2006

THE BAG is almost finished...just needs a good beating.

Well, I have had a busy week and have completely neglected my blog. But not quite sure that anyone is out there reading it anyway, so guess it doesn't matter. I read blogs every day!! I'm addicted and have a list of those I must check over my bran flakes in the morning. Someday I will figure out how to list them and clue you in on the action.

So what are these pics of? Thanks for asking...
here is the bag. Yes, the bag I have been knitting off and on for about 900 years. Okay, I might have stretched that timeline a tad, but it has felt like 900 years. As I type it is going into the washer with some jeans and a fast/fast setting to felt. You can't tell from the pic, but when stretched to it's actual size it measures top to bottom 26 inches. And the blob at the top is the handles that will felt as well. Now, the last one I knitted shrunk to about 14.5 inches. Cool huh? I will post the completed bag when it dries. I am so glad I finished :) I deserve the ice cream I am eating!

Now, I will begin the socks. I am dreading them and excited about them. And nervous...I also bought the wrong size needles! I should have gotten 3mm, but got 3.75. Debating what to do - make or go buy a different size. These are flip-flop socks, so cute. I may just make and see what happens.

Okay, off to oversee the felting process. I just finished washing and spinning some wool I recycled from a sweater. NOw it is hanging ALL OVER the house to dry. And Maggie Cat has taken to climbing into my roving box and eating the fleece. THat has to find a shelf away from her! Unless she can come up with a sheep for me to shear, she has to stay out. I refuse to share my roving.

I'll be back...

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