Sunday, September 18, 2011

When the man is away.....

When His Majesty is away I get to play with yarn and fiber....sometimes that means via the internet. aka fiber purchases :) I'm sure you know how that goes.
The past few weeks, he has been away on the weekends and I have been busy surfing the fiber world and gettin busy...

So, I bought my Mother Bear Project pattern and cast on today. I am now on the head (as I type this ) and hope to be close to finished knitting by this afternoon. I am using some scrap baby yarns I have in the stash and it is a quick little knit. If you minus all the ends that are taunting me, I would say I love this pattern :)

Labor Day weekend was another day that I was left alone to knit and purchase. Of course Labor Day weekend means craziness with the Dizzy Sheep website. I love their big weekend events and end up glued to the screen for the updates. I was able to purchase two 4 ounces batts of BFL before they sold out. I had to have them, since my stash is mostly reds/yellows and blues/greens. I needed some pink hues to even it out :)

And then I felt bad for buying stuff, so I cast on a hat from my handspun....thought I should use something that I had....take away some guilt :)

But then today I couldn't resist the charms of Bohemia Fibers 3 month fiber club special and signed up. Seriously, 6 months worth of fiber for the price of 3!!!! I couldn't...really....I had to.....there was no way to say no!
And now, I'm in timeout from purchasing ;( (sure!)
I think I need to purchase a bigger bed for the poopies so they are comfortable!

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