Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hungry for sweets?

I finally found the camera, batteries, and the picture card all at the same time. So, pics of the cakes I recently made. Do you know how tiring decorating a cake can be? Very! Maybe I am just slow:) I need to speed up so I can play with more yarn.
The rosey cake was a 6inch (2layers) smash cake for a coworker's daughter. I read a tip somewhere on practicing your roses with kisses or mini marshmallows. It is a wonderul tip, helps the rose stand taller and straighter. Now I make all of my roses around one or the other! Try it!

After I post this I am picking up my shrug needles/yarn and working, while watching War of the Worlds. I may not be crazy about Tom Cruise, but I liked that movie. I also have 2 NetFlix movies waiting for the morning. I cannot sleep late on the weekends, so I like to watch a movie when I get up (around 6am). I make a cup of tea, pop in the movie, grab my big blanket and curl up on the couch to watch. Everything is quiet in the house and usually Truman or Stinky Jones will join me and snuggle. Good times! Why can't I sleep late on weekends, but can sleep till noon when I have to work???????? Perplexing.
This is a another cake I finished on Thursday night. A coworker's son loves skateboards and she liked the pic of a cake similar to this is what she got :) Sorry about the lighting. I have a major issue with light in my house. There is none! It is bad :(
Tomorrow's plan is to finish 2 aprons and start a baby quilt. Oh yeah, homework too (hear me gag???). And unravel a sweater I got at Goodwill, lovely dark pink. I just couldn't help myself. I had to buy it!!! I pictured a neck warmer and fingerless gloves in this yarn...let me go knit.

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