Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I won...I won :) and here are 2 aprons I threw together....

Well, I won something from the Blogger Giveaway Carnival that took place last week!! Yea!! I'm so happy and joyful and it is something I had been looking into what a treat!

Loria Family Dialogues is such a cool site and I love her pics! I won the Jane Cosmetic Lip Plumper and boy do I need it! I was cursed with thin lips. I have always wanted a luscious pout, but it just never happened. And I am way to chicken to go have them plumped up by a needle, I am afraid of needles :) So, yea for me, I won!!!!!!! (happy dance, happy dance)( please go and check out her blog, you will smile!)

So, the aprons. Well I was trying to join this month's Tie One On and managed to get with the "polka dot" theme. However, I forgot to send my picture in!!!!!! Here it is, my vintage 50's apron. I love this pattern. My mom collects patterns and dug out a few of her vintage apron patterns and I have been on a whirlwind of reversible aprons. This is a lovely scallop edge cotton with a reversible black and white rayon check. Quite lovely for entertaining :)

I have about 4 more of this style in different fabrics. Thinking about going wild on etsy....

Then I have this test run. I found a pillowcase apron pattern and whipped this one out. Found the pillowcase at a thrift store and made it very quickly, without any problems. I love it! I am now in search of more pillowcases! Can't you see a lovely embroidered edge on one? Love it , love it...
I will be hitting the fabric store soon and getting more apron material, along with some material for my bellydance costume. I have to have something black and silver and found a perfect pattern during the 99cent sale at Hancock last week. Yep, gotta get started on that as well. Man, I need to stay home. Working just puts a kink in my days and projects. Stresssssssssssssssss!
Well, I am off to knit on my shrug that may get finished in 2010. (I made a yummy chicken and steak fajita soup for own concoction, with some jalepeno cornbread and followed by Edy's Reeses Cup chocolate ice cream:) all good,but way too much) See ya later!

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Emily Loria said...

Congratulations Jennifer!

You deserve plump lips, we all do.

I love LOVE your aprons, they are so darling.