Thursday, January 10, 2008

A chill is back!

The cold is coming back and the misery is following. I don't like the cold! Other than that, all is well. Started back to school with my math class and as I said before, I don't like math! Not liking this class either. Love that it is online, but the whole math part is evil.

Very slow progress on my shrug. Very slow!!! Worked a few sleeve rows while waiting in the doctor's office. Now, they tell me I HAVE to be there 30 minutes early or they reserve the right to start charging. My appt is at 1130, have to be there at 11, already have all paperwork completed and a chart made.....sit there for 30 minutes for no reason!! When do I get to start charging them for my time??? Ever wondered about that??? Did catch up on my office magazine reading though. Was taken back, weighed (pleased to see only gained one pound over the holidays) and then sat in a room for 15 minutes (knitting). Saw the doc for about 15, discussed my GI issues, had lab drawn and out the door.

On the cake and knitting front, I made this cake for a coworker. She wanted cats or quilting. So I did cats (out of fondant) playing on a quilt with a ball of yarn. LOVE cake, but I have said that hundreds of times. Made a Cooking Light carrot cake for a meeting today and I must say it was tasty! I may even go and eat the leftover piece right now. I ate pizza for dinner and feel so full, but just knowing that cake is in the house is taking over my brain. Plus there is also ice cream and that is just madness!

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