Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost Friday, already? Bring it on...

Wow, my week has flown by and that is good and bad. Did not get nearly what I wanted done, minimal knitting, so sad again. Just finished a cake for a coworker's son. 13th Birthday!! Happy Bday Gordon! Hope you like your cake.
Went to take pics and the batteries are dead in the camera! Is it too much to ask to have something with this camera go right??????
Anyway, have been going nuts over the Blogger Giveaway Carnival this week and finding tons of wonderful sites! So thankful!
Thinking of the list of things I should be doing right now....1. Homework 2. Laundry 3. Bills 4. Finding stamp for Walker's bday card 5. Shower 6. Knitting! ...but want to go look at more blogs :) ( I did clean out the litter boxes, that was a start!)

Okay, off to find charged batteries first, face washing, teeth brushing and homework saved for tomorrow night...ick!

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