Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Everybody dance...a shawl is complete!!

Hello!! Let's get up and dance, I finished my wool shawl. I am so very happy! I used a beautiful variegated red wool that knitted up so well. I am tickled to pieces that it turned out without any problems.
I used a shawl pattern I found at Dee's Yarn in Blowing Rock. This is a lovely little yarn store that is packed full of gorgeous yarn and patterns. Unfortunately, I live in an area that does not exactly boom with yarn stores. So sad :( Is it too much to ask to have a yarn (or two) store close to home?! I think not!!!

STill working on the 4 hour baby blanket, that is not at about - oh say day 3ish. I guess I should apply myself to just one project. Is that possible? Does anyone else just knit one project at a time?

Speaking of projects...does anyone know how to list an archive with past project pictures? I'm still working on that portion of the blog. I need blog 101 people. My computer illiteracy is poking out.

Okay, now off to finish cleaning before I spin a little. Had to make a chocolate chip pound cake for a work meeting and some oatmeal chocolate cookies for me ;) Yum....

Oh yea...I also knitted up the same pattern in a sassy ribbon yarn (top right) of blues, greens and grays. It is ever so soft and melts to your shoulders...ahhh I just love yarn.

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