Sunday, January 08, 2006

Meet the kids...

Here are my babies - Truman, Ainsley, Corbin, and Maggie. These pictures do not do them justice and are not true accounts of their personalities. There normal look is closed eyes and snoring. I think they sleep about 23 hours a day and you can never find them when you want a snuggle. I actually don't know I have cats somedays.
I would love to have 4 more, but it's not looking good for me with DH - he says "NO more animals"! Spoil sport....
Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how I can spin their hair into yarn :) Why not, I have a ton of it floating around like tumbleweeds!

Bear with me on loading pictures. I am not computer savvy and it is taking me FOREVER to figure it out :) I don't have the technical gene that everyone else seems to have. Poor me...okay when I get it down pat I will upload or download some knitting projects.

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