Thursday, January 19, 2006

WoolieGirl searching for yarn

Here I am looking for yarn...
where are the yarn stores?
Went through the Smokey Mountains on a daytrip, which I thought would be a perfect opportunity to find some yarn. Nope...none. Not one single yarn store could I find! Lots of mountain roadside stands, mom-n-pop stores, outlets, but no yarn stores. I didn't find a single skein of yarn anywhere, with the exception of Wal-Mart :) But that doesn't count and you know that no matter where you are you have to go to Wal-Mart!
So, I was very disappointed! I got out at the parkway overlook and strained to find a yarn store below. It was a sad I was sick and that didn't make me good company either. But I did take some knitting and worked on the tote bag and found a cute hat I am going to try and talked myself into trying socks. Maybe it was just the cold medicine talking :)
I made a little progress on the spinning wheel last night. However, she and I are still feuding when it comes to tension. Anyone have suggestions about taming the tension beast? I would greatly appreciate it. I will take some pics tonight and post them tomorrow. Now I am off to knit and watch CSI, oh yes! And find a suitable snack...maybe hot chocolate - yum. That goes very well with my cold medicine.


Sad Brother said...

Help have you seen my sister?

Laura said...

What kind of wheel do you have? I just got an Ashford Joy in November and I try to keep the tension somewhat tight because I have a bad tendency to treadle too fast. But I first learned on a Majacraft. It drove me crazy because I never could get the tension to a point where the spun yarn would wind on the bobbin quickly enough.