Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Can someone knit me a sweater?

Don't you know these poor little babies are cold? They are probably wondering why we can't knit them a sweater. Afterall, it is their fleece we are taking. I just had to show 2 more pics from the sheep shearing and then I will let it go, for a while :)

I am down for the count with this respiratory bug, it is killing me! But I must push on and be the tooth fairy the remainder of the week. I have kinder and 1st graders counting on me!!! I must say that my fairy skirt turned out very pretty. Makes me want to wear it around the house...dust in it or do something productive.

I need to sit down and knit. Me fingers are longing to work with needles and wool, but haven't had the chance. However, I have set aside time this evening while I watch American Idol :) (big grin) That is perfect knitting time. Don't you agree?

I also want something ooey and gooey to eat, but have nothing. I don't even have dishwashing or laundry detergent. No oatmeal, no cookies, no ice cream, very little munchies. I'm in need of a grocery store run!! I do have some hot chocolate (unless a mouse ran off with it) and a tiny piece of banana bread. Guess that will have to do.

Off the subject of knitting, cake and sheep...I have been surfing other blogs, which I love to do, and have run across several regarding a sewalong. What a great idea. So, I went a purchased a skirt pattern and will be adding this to my LONG list of things to do. Someday I will win the lottery and lock myself away in my beach front mansion and sew, knit, bake and play all day...

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