Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I may not be yarn...but I sure am handsome!

Yes, Corbin you are very handsome. I know this has nothing to do with yarn, spinning or knitting, but isn't he a cutey? All stretched out on the bed, sunning by the window. He likes to take up all of the space he can. Just makes me want to squeeze him and smother him with mommy love.

Did a little knitting during American Idol last night and it felt wonderful. Plan on doing it again tonight and maybe work with the evil spinning wheel. I need some tea before I can work up the courage to attack the wheel though, also some chocolate...

Oh yeah, was the tooth fairy today and that went over very well, with the exception of loosing my voice!!! But the kids didn't seem to mind and they listened and watched me teach proper tooth brushing. Now I have to work on my "hygiene talk" outfit :)

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