Sunday, February 12, 2006

Take that you sweater!!!!!

As you can see, I won the sweater match with the thrift store wool. I spent last night unraveling this black and white beast and I'm quite pleased with my loot. This was one of the easiest sweaters to unravel and produced a nice pile of yarn, which I have soaking in the tub as I type. Why does the wool get a bubble bath and I don't? I need to rethink this...

My mom gave me some beautiful wool sweaters to break down, but 2 of them :( are seamed, meaning they will unravel into short pieces. So, I am going to felt them and then cut them into bags. How does that sound? They are too great to get rid of and I can still create something fabulous :)

ONly 6 days until the Sheep Shearing in Greensboro, NC. Yes!!! Mom and I have been firming up out plans and loads of fun will be had by all.

I purchased a set of 3.5mm DPNS today to go along with my cutsie and cheap balls of yarn from Big Lots. These will be my first attempt at socks. I'm shaking!!! I don't know that I can accomplish socks, but I'm going to try. I'm also searching for a tank or vest to branch out...terrifying!!!!

Okay, I'm making some beef veggie soup and baking a banana bread for work. Just call me Susie Homemaker :)

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