Saturday, February 25, 2006

Does the ick ever go away?

Okay, I feel like I am on death's door, or at least in his driveway. I have been fighting this evil ick for over a week and still do not feel any better. I have no voice and no energy and the antibiotic is taking it's toll....whine, whine, whine...

So, you can imagine I have not been able to do much knitting. I have had sporadic moments working with the totebag and I actually have made some progress, guess that's a bright spot. I haven't spun :( and I haven't begun the flip flop socks :( but I have thought about them.

Maybe I will have a boost of wonderful energy tomorrow and be able to work like a maniac! I think some hot chocolate and a cookie might be the thing to turn this sick boat around.

BUT before I go, I must tell you my tale of the vacuum. My vacuum died a loud, smelly, dusty death. So, I decided to get a new big deal. But no!!!!!!! DH had to get involved and wanted to know the specs on the new vacuum to be purchase. I told him my specs involved very little money. He then researches vacuums...yes online research, consumer reports, comparisons, involvement of testing groups, etc. and makes a decision. He then proceeds to explain to me with charts, graphs, sample photos, excel spreadsheets :), etc...the type of vacuum that will be purchased ( and the bank loan it will take to purchase it ) Now, the thing that is odd here...he doesn't vacuum. He did all this research for a vacuum he will never use. He picked it because of the drive train, amps, accessories, inteli clean hepa filteration system....blahblahblah.
And he will never use it. I just wanted a vacuum that sucked up cat hair. Oh well, now I have a Cadillac vacuum. I just need a tiara to wear when I use it :)

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