Thursday, January 22, 2009

In classsssss

well started back to school last week and it has taken over my life once again. I am in class right now, shhhhhhh, supposed to be listening to lecture. I am disliking class very much! LOVE my instructor, an awesome lady, but not jiving with the course study at this time. Maybe it is really the idea of sitting in a class once again from 3pm to 10pm every Thursday night. That's what I don't like :(

Oh well, I have to do this and will put on my big girl panties and buck up and keep going. I do have some gorgeous fabric to show....bought this past weekend and can't wait to start sewing with it....beautiful!!! Also, still plugging away on my knit project of the decade (so it seems) of my 1st sweater.

Have a wonderful night...I will go back to being a good student!

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