Thursday, January 01, 2009

Start the new year right....

I have so many plans for this year and for today, but of course didn't get any of them started! I bought bags of goodies at the Southeastern Fiber Festival this October, with every intention of doing them before now. I didn' shameful and embarrassing. So, I will start them this year.

I took a picture when I first got there and that was the only picture, for my camera then died! Luckily it is now back working and I can take a few pics of what I bought :) I wanted to start a nuno felted scarf this week, but didn't :( I didn't get anything I wanted to do done, because of someone been there? You make plans and he makes other plans for you???? Well that is what happened to me over the past 2 weeks of my holiday vacation! I am trying not to be mad about it....trying!

I did get the Christmas tree down, which ended in a big blowout on his part. He told me to get out of the room, so I did. I was trying to do two other tasks and he added that one to the pile, can't do all at the same time, but stopped the other 2 to get down the tree....anyway, he is playing online with his friends and I am debating going out for ice cream :) Always makes me feel better! Hahahaha, drown it in ice cream!

Tomorrow is a new day and I will start it off with a workout and then a little retail therapy for a shawl. (It's on clearance so I am justifying the purchase as a savings!)

And here is the last cake I did for the year. Turned out well I thought! Buttercream icing with fondant circles. Makes me want some cake! I do plan on making the Guinness Chocolate Cake I found ages ago on Cookie Madness. Guess I will add that to the list that just keeps growing....

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