Friday, January 30, 2009

Leave my peanut butter alone!

I love peanut butter, love it! I eat it everyday, several times a day. I am so sad about the salmonella outbreaks from contaminated peanut butter. Please don't shy away from safe PB, don't turn your back on it! I eat Naturally More (with flaxseeds) and it is give it a try.

It is awesome on toast with honey and cinnamon, yummy in ice cream, scrumptious in oatmeal, and of course the bomb with jelly (strawberry please). Just ate some a few minutes ago....go get yours!
Now, camera battery issue is still going wrong and hopefully to be fixed tomorrow after gym run and errands are complete. Here is a quick pic of the lovely fabrics I purchased last week. I am in the process of cutting out my patterns for scrub tops....actually already have one complete. Yea me!!! The cupcake pattern is next on the chopping block and that will begin in the morning.
Sttttiiiiiillllllll working on my first sweater and eyeballing my sock stash. I will soon be taking a class to refresh my sock skills. Yes, added to the ever growing list!
PLUS have caught the Facebook bug. Oh my goodness what an addiction!! Why didn't you tell me about this! I think I need an intervention and I haven't been on a week yet. Well, guess I will go check my facebook page now....

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