Sunday, January 11, 2009

Popping in

Just wanted to pop in with a blankie pic that I did get finished and started another project with a burp cloth, but need to finish the matching blanket to that one.... everyone seems to be pregnant around me! I made this for a coworker expecting a boy. It is so soft! Flannel squares and a minky backing. I hope she loves it!

I made a little burp cloth for another coworker, lacking the blanket at this moment. I have to get that started!

Still working on conquering the sewing room, remove a pile and replace with another :) That is my pace right now. I did make a batch of double chocolate brownies, which will go to work tomorrow. And finishing up a batch of chocolate fudge cookies right now. Just in a baking mood today!

The cats have been in a curious mood today and have been underfoot, in cabinets and boxes. Corbin loves to cram his big body into the smallest boxes, so I made him a pirate ship out of a shoebox that he will not let me throw away! He loves to sleep in this box. He is the captain of the cat seas today!!!
(See the yellow dome in the background? That is his tent! He and Stinky Jones fight over who gets to sleep in the tent. It is hilarious.....I love my babies!)

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