Saturday, January 03, 2009

So, I did do a few things this holiday...

One more day and back to work :( I was trying frantically to clean today and get more organized before having to actually work for a living again and decided to tackle the "sewing room." This is a newly acquired room for me! His Majesty decided to hardwood the 2 spare rooms over the break and designated his old computer room as my room, since the den (part of the new addition to the house) has been deemed his "man cave" and I am not allowed to use that room. Yeah, I know we have a very weird relationship!

So over the past couple of days we have piled my sewing, scrapbooking, spinning, etc materials in piles into the room and I have been trying to sort the mess and slowly you can see the floor. It is far from being put together, but will be within the month. I also have the treadmill and yoga ball in there...adding to the clutter, but it is my space....for now. Yeah, he can always take it back from me :(

My kitchen island is now in my room and packed with scrapbooking necessities and fabric blocks. It is also covered with stuff that needs to find a home! Oh yeah, he thought I should get rid of it! It is gorgeous, solid wood and wonderfully handy. No way dude, it stays :)

And the sewing armoire is loaded down with ribbons, threads and more baskets of fabric on top! And of course my sewing machine....and my old one (from 1988!) that I use to sew paper.

Now one of the best parts is my new serger. AAAHHHHHHH, I broke down and bought one the first of December and have been intimidated by it, but slowly getting used to it and love it! I bought the Bernina 700DL adn have been very pleased. I will have to show you what I made with it over the break :)
See, I have been busy! And when I went to take pics of the sewing projects I surprised myself, but that will come time for sleep! I have to get up in the morning and tackle the day!

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