Wednesday, August 10, 2011

She lives and knits :)

I have been trying to knit a little on each project every day.  Great plan, doesn't always work, but good intentions...I'm trying!!!!

I did finish up my little Lace baby Beanie, just in time for shower giving this week.  Very sweet hat, little smaller than I thought.  I hope it fits this wee one due October 12th.  I'm sure the baby's head will be larger than sock monkey :)

 I also finished the Arrow hat and love it.  Yes, I did mess up and it is obvious, don't you see it?????

I somehow switched my wrong and right sides and ended up with a major ridge along the top.  Once I saw it I almost cried :(  but I was too lazy and tired to rip it it is there!
I guess my hat sadness showed, so His Majesty helped me with a lazy kate.  We were in the home improvement store and I started playing around with the PVC pipe.  I explained what I was thinking and we came home with $6.00 worth of pipe and a lazy kate was born!

It has 45 degree angles built in and I can always add more bobbin holders if I decide  to live on the edge and 3-ply someday.

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