Sunday, April 30, 2006

My name is Jennifer....and I am addicted to Easter egg dye

Yes, I confess, I have an addiction to egg dye. I just returned from Michael's with 30 more boxes of egg dye....and had to make myself walk away from getting more. I couldn't stop myself, it is so tempting. To know that more 12cent boxes of lonely dye are just sitting in the basket, needing to go home with me to be productive...oh it brings tears to my eyes.

Note the beautiful 2 pound ball of white corri that I received in yesterday's mail! This will be the owner of some of that dye :) Goodie, goodie! I am planning on handpainting the majority and all excited about what comes out! If only me and Satan' Spawn were friends...oh I long for that day.

Anyhoo, I should be working right now instead of typing. But to be honest, it is cold and windy here today. And that has made me sleepy and lazy. I did clean like a mad woman earlier, went to walmart for some groceries (had to have ice cream!), and then by BackYardBurger for a blackened chicken sandwich. Now I am back home, realizing all of the things I forgot to pick up while out and debating if I should go back out or just wait and run errands after work tomorrow. Remember-I get my fleece tomorrow!!!!!

Well, I do know I am making a cream cheese pound cake tonight, just because I want to ! And because I have some cream cheese about to expire! So, off to be productive!

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