Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Doesn't look like much, but someday it will....maybe

Okay, here is the first bag of fleece I received. The other 2 bags are on the way and I will pick them up on Thursday. So, I have gone through the "mess" and loaded the fleece into the mesh bags to soak. Hopefully, I will have good results without felting (eekkk!) and end up with clean fleece to card. What joy!!!

Let me tell you...I opened the bag and instantly smelled like I was on the farm. The cats kept sniffing around the bag when I first got it home and when I took it onto the deck, SibbyDog took up residence right beside the bag and didn't leave the entire hour I picked through it. I feel this calls for dessert and I have a brownie left over from the batch I baked and took to school this morning. I do believe I shall go enjoy that brownie, while visions of clean fleece dance in my head... Should I mention I still smell like a sheep :)

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