Tuesday, May 09, 2006

no pics, just words today...

Well, I have a pile of stuff to take pics of but just not time to track down the camera, so boring words for now. Sorry! I received my wool hand carders in the mail today, whoohoo. Now I can begin to do something with all the fleece I have been working on. The lady that I got the first bags from told me today that she has one more bag to give me. Yes, give me !!! How generous. So I had better stock up on my Dawn liquid and get to washing.

I am preparing for Kindergarten Roundup at my schools this week. This will be my first as their school nurse. I am excited, because I get to wear jeans and a cowboy hat. How fun!!!! However, one of the teachers commented today that it was stupid and we would look stupid and she didn't want to do it. I don't mind...I love to dress up. Guess I am just a silly girl.

I have been busy with the bread maker...love it!!! I wish I had more time to make more bread :) and knit and spin and dye wool and comb the cats. Boy do they need a good brushing. Ainsley and Truman are sporting dreadlocks these days.

Oh yeah, I think I finally sold my house!!!! The sucky realtor is supposed to give me a definite tomorrow. Okay, let's go get busy...

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