Monday, May 29, 2006

Has it been that long????????

Short and sweet until I get my pics taken. Has it been since the 24th since I posted? I'm telling you, life is killing me right now:) I haven't spun, barely knitted, didn't buy yarn at the new store! Life is just pushing me. But I shouldn't complain, I have a great life!

I have knitted a smidgen, but what I have been doing is sucky homework. This week I have written one paper, 2 discussion forums, read 4 chapters, 16 tests!!!!!!! Yes 16!!!!!!! And I have one more discussion forum and paper due tomorrow. Followed by 2 chapters and 2 tests again this week and then start over for next week. This blows!!!!! So, do you see where I have been?

Okay, back to the paper. Then I hope to load a few things on ebay, spin a little, knit a little, plant a little and probably drink a little ;) Just kidding, I have nothing to drink! But I may go for a diet cherry limeade after I am through...because I deserve it!

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M said...

hi just found your site by clicking next on the southern knitters blog. I am in Virginia Beach and Richmond. Just where is conroy NC? Never heard of it. I am not a school nurse, but I thank god for one every day. I am a school teacher.

I'll stop in again ...