Monday, May 15, 2006

My blog... a neglected child :(

I am so sorry my little wooliegirl blog for neglecting you so much these past few weeks. I have let life get in the way. But I'm sure you all understand!!! I have been trying to wash these fleece and that is so time consuming for me and then there is work and school and finishing up a scrapbook for a lady at just continues. I haven't had time to knit!!! I hate it!!! I haven't even had time to spin!!! I need time...

I did take my mother and grandmother for a Mother's Day lunch on Saturday and that was fun. We went to a nice little Italian restaurant in town, Gondolier, and had eggplant parmesan and Reese's Cup cake...all was wonderful and then I gave them big hanging baskets. I also went to the nursery and bought some flowers for my porch, but haven't planted them yet!!! Yet another item for the list.

I have decided I will spend 30 minutes tonight on a new knitting project and 30 minutes on the wheel, Spawn of Satan! She had better get ready! Then I have a baby project and wedding one to start. How many hours of sleep do I need?

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