Sunday, May 21, 2006

what's up with the computer, and a guild meeting..

What's up with the Blogger? Anyone have problems getting into your blog the past few days? I have! But on now, so I am happy. I had my monthly spinning guild meeting today and that was a happy event as well. We didn't have a speaker, but just a show and tell day with light refreshments. It was nice and allowed me to hit the TJMaxx in that town, which is bigger than mine :) I found a cute tote that will work great for yarn. Multi-purpose!

I have started a triangular shawl from my odd lot yarn stash and it is quickly knitted and summery, so that makes me happy. I should just say this is a happy day! My cats are starting to get over their colds, thank goodness. I couldn't afford any more vet bills or antibiotics!! That is not cheap.

I found a cute bathing suit at Target, but no one to tell me if it made my butt look big, so I put it back. I have to have an opinion! You know how that goes...painful.

My guild's handwork day is this coming Saturday and I am all set to take the Spawn of Satan there and let the other gals have a crack at her. She is sooooo evil! I have tweaked the tension band everyway I can and she still kinks the yarn up into ugly coils without taking it into the orifice and onto the bobbin. Evil!!!!

And I must say that I said no to Alpaca fleece today! I wanted a bag so badly, but I said NO! I am proud of myself. I said no because I do not need it right now, want yes...need no. And because it wouldn't fit in my car!

Okay, off to exercise. I had too many sweets this weekend!

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