Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

I treated myself to a little bit of yarn!!! Yes, Happy Bday to myself. Seems DH thought I would like cup holders for my car for my birthday!! What???? He says they are much better than the ones in my car and I should love them. What????? I'm sorry, but that is not a good present. So, I went and bought myself some yarn! I love it, bought a bunch. I know I should feel bad about spending all of that money, but it was a celebration and I got wound up and couldn't stop. But really you should see what all I put back!!! Honest, I put back A LOT of yarn! You know how it is, you've been in that position. It's like the police saying "step away from the yarn." (I probably should have taken a pic with them out of the bags, sorry) And I bought some roving on ebay :) and some easter egg dye to color it with :) and...

Anyway, I bought 2 packs to make a shawl, one pack just because and then the rainbow skein (absolutely gorgeous and so vivid in person) for a simple spring scarf. Yes, mundane but it will be gorgeous!

I have made very little progress on my feather and fan shawl from my Fiber Fest ball. It is slow going. We had to go out of town this weekend and I took it to knit on the trip. However, I suffer from this little thing called motion sickness! It is so bad!!!! I get 5 miles down the road and the nausea begins! Every time!!!!!!!!!!! But I always have hope that there will be a trip that I don't get sick, but not yet.

I did find a little bakery called CUPCAKES that I ran into and got a mocha chocolate cupcake. Oh my gosh!! It was heavenly!! I don't know about you, but I have a love for cupcakes. Well, cupcakes, cake, cookies, brownies....all of them. It is right below knitting and Patrick Dempsey :) I want to make some right now, but I am feeling a little fat right now and can't bring myself to bake. I hate those days!!!! Just spoils all of my fun.

Now, me and the Spawn of Satan are at it again! Just when we get along for a couple of days, she decides to be a b(&^% and corkscrew all of my roving. I threatened her with the fireplace, and then walked away. WE will see what happens tonight . By the way, that's Truman wanting a treat in the top right corner. Isn't he handsome??????

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Graham Collins. said...

You should learn to spin and then you would not have problems, as part of the learning road is to be able to adjust the wheel so that it will spin.
No matter how bad the wheel is they can all be spun on with the correct settings of tensions.