Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knitting socks on circulars!!!>????

Well, I have had a crazy week at a conference and then back to home and a birthday party. It was mine. I will be 36 on Tuesday, eek!!!! I"m a little sad about it, but trying to smile. Thinking maybe I will get some yarn for my bday, a girl can dream. I did get a beautiful cake plate from my mom. Meaning, I need to bake a cake.

Well does anyone know anything about knitting socks on circulars? I have been hearing about it and did find one article on a web search, but want opinions. This is something I think I can handle, but not sure.

I am trudging along with my fan and feather wrap, though it is slow going!!!! I would show you a picture, but the camera has disappeared once again. I think the cats are taking it for their own blogsite. You do know they are smart and creative!!! And very lazy. I have one in the cat window seat, one on the cat bed, and 2 on the people bed.

Okay, back to the camera search, confidence talk on socks, finding some ice cream, working in a walk/jog, packing my supplies for work tomorrow, starting a scrapbook for a lady I used to work with (need the cash)....oh yeah and registering for school. AAAAAHHHHHH.......

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Laura said...

I knit almost all the socks I knit on two circulars. I love my Addi Turbo needles, and have two pairs in sizes 2 and 3, and one pair in size 1. I use Cat Bordi's Socks Soar on Two Circulars, and several patterns from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road, and a pattern from Interlacements for their Toasty Toes sock yarn that I modify for circulars. I really do find it faster than using my dpn's, though I still use the dpn's for some sock patterns. I also have some circular bamboo needles, but the Addis are my favorites, and the needle of choice when I gift anyone with circular needles for sock knitting.