Monday, July 09, 2012

Oh, is TDF 12 so far, I'm slack!

 Okay, this isn't TDF (Tour de Fleece) 12, but something I did in June at the beach.  Made a cute wrist wrap from leftover handspun I had....think this was the peacock colorway from mom's shawl.
 I was sitting in the car with the poopies waiting on His Majesty to come out of Harbor Freight when I finished this up and did an impromptu photo shoot. 
I think the guy in the truck beside me was concerned that I was photoing my lap :)
 Okay, here is where my TDF 12 begins.  First day I weighed and split some gorgeous merino.  This was from a destash and Ravelry gals, have some more destashes please!!!!

The Yarn Wench  black cherry 1 I discovered that merino wool HATES me!!!

 This was my first trip down the spin-some-merino-lane and it was a rough ride.  I had some kinky singles on the bobbins....while the merino rested I started on some BFL....ah love you BFL.
Finley assisted in the spinning process
A mystery BFL in blues and grays and gorgeous all the way around!
BFL bobbin 1 almost clue what TDF days these are
Ava graciously modeled the 2 plied merino, which resulted in 242ish yards and is very soft and making me happy.  Though it kept giving me the stink eye on the wheel.  Maybe I won't get rid of the remaining merino in the bins...though hiring a hit man to take it out was in the cards for a while.

BFL bobbins 1 and 2 finished and ready to be plied, but no one here wants to ply them.....we are tired of plying

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