Monday, December 27, 2010

A few projects I have been working on...

 Just a few projects I have finished in the last couple of months...making gifts.

These are scarves I made for coworkers.  They are fleece on one side and fabric with ball tassels on top.  I ended up making 4 more too!  Great, warm gifts that help use up stash fabric.

 The 18 seconds to sunrise hat from Ravelry was another gift.  A fairly quick knit also and the end result a nice thick hat.  Used stash yarn on 10 needles.  Was a super bulky yarn, no clue from where, but worked great.  Might make one for me too :)

 Classic WWII Watch cap is also from Ravelry and made with Patons Classic Wool in Mercury.  I actually remember this yarn!  Took longer than I expected, but happy with the hat. 

This was supposed to be a headband, but wanted to use all of my handspun, so it is a little scarflette.  I need to block the lace pattern out, since it looks all scrunched up.  I dyed this roving last year and spun it up this spring.  Now I have knitted it into a cute scarflette.  Yes, needs to be blocked...
Baby Jester hat was made for a baby gift.  It actually has 3 points and is so stinking cute!  I plopped it onto a grapefruit to get a picture.  I hope they like it.  Haven't heard from them since I gave the gift....

The Hannah hat from Ravelry
I made 3 of these out of my handspun (the darker purplish color at top is one of them), then made 2 out of leftover yarn from other baby projects.  This was a quick knit and if I do anymore I will definitely make them longer, since they come just to the top of my ears.

So, just a few things I have finished.  Nothing major or fancy.  Just idle knitting that has been a stress reliever.
I have started another pair of socks, a sweater vest, and a fan and feather scarf too.  I really need to go clean house :)

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