Thursday, June 07, 2012

Look, I made more yarn!

 I FINALLY finished plying up my roving.  I have decided plying is my least favorite part, blah.  This was a Two if by hand braid in the Go Square Go color.

 I had 4 ounces of BFL and I did a 2 ply from my 2 bobbins....this was a true pleasure to spin!

I ended up with approximately 228 yards.

  I haven't whipped out the WPI tool to figure out what weight, but I do love the end product....yarn!
Now the tough part is what to make with this gorgeous yarn....

eta:  finally checked WPI and have 14 to 15...guessing fingering?  So not sure what a 220 some yard fingering will be, suggestions?  I wanted to do another 198 yards of Heaven shawl, but that requires worsted....will have to research this.  I do love the end colors :)  Don't you love spinning???!!!

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