Monday, June 18, 2012

The bleeping socks are done and the cow gave me the stink eye....

 I finally finished these socks and I never thought I would, but they are blocking right now.  Thank goodness!!

These are a modified version of the Primavera Socks  pattern with my very first Afterthought Heel heel.  Not sure how I feel about them at this minute....not sure if I love the fit. 

The yarn is a Knit Picks yarn, I think Essential and that stuff fuzzes up when water hits it.  Reminds me of a Gremlin.

I have to say I loved my Ott light for helping my old eyes see the stitches when trying to start the heel.
 On our afternoon dog walk yesterday, Finley, Ava and I stopped to admire the neighbor's new calf.  The mama kept giving me the stink eye.  So rude!

If I could have jumped the fence and stole the calf I would have!
After this morning's walk, Finley decided to relax with a little doggie yoga and I cast on a bracelet with leftover handspun.

I love me some Finley!

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