Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing to calm my stage fright...

You would think after so many years of taking bellydance class and performing 3 to 4 times a year I wouldn't get nervous, but I do!  Terribly nervous.  So nervous I dreamed last night I was on stage without my costume or make-up and messing up...I cried.  To combat nerves today I thought I would try making dog collars.  

I did and it worked, easy peasy, piece of cake!  I took an old (very stinky) collar apart and kept the hardware.  Then I took my hot pink webbing and made a collar...and sewed "Ava" on it, since Ava will be wearing it :)  Finley refuses to wear pink and gets mad when he gets the purple leash.
She really was thrilled with the collar, you just can't see it in her face right now.  We went on an hour hike through the woods and they were so tired.  It helped my stage fright to hike and focus on sewing....but I still got nervous as I drove over this my full tribal garb.  I need to post some pics so you can see what fun it is....If you have bellydance classes near you, take them!  Run and sign up. You will love it!!!
You will love the classes as much as Finley and Ava love each Truman looks on...he was finally too disgusted to stay any longer and jumped down.  Oh well, soulmates they are...they can't help it!

Go make some collars, you will love them and remain calm in the process!!!


Fru-la-la! said...

the collar looks amazing & I'm sure your performance went awesomely!

Coggie said...

Love it!!
Good luck with the stage fright. You will do beautiful dancing with butterflies in your tummy. They will help you be light on your feet.