Friday, August 06, 2010


This has been a long week for my family, but we have survived and will continue.  We dearly miss my papaw and I wish he was still here with us, with mammaw.  We have spent this week remembering, talking, sharing stories and meals together, and being a family...a big family that can be scary to some people, because we are loud!  I like it!

When I got home from mammaw's I realized my house was a little bit a mess, since I had been in and out all long enough to sleep and then right back out and on the messy house!
I had also neglected (not on purpose) all of my furry children.

So yesterday and today I spent most of my time giving them hugs and kisses and cleaning.  You can see what they did....sleep.  Finley and Ava took their pillow positions.  Corbin grabbed a prime sofa seat, while Truman hid out under the table...ahhh just a normal day in my house.  I like the feeling of makes me feel like things will be okay.

Now I have clean floors, empty hampers, uncluttered kitchen counters, and an empty sink.  Tomorrow will be hiking, knitting, spinning and maybe a little sewing....trying to de-stress and lower the anxiety around here...happy thoughts.  AND I will be posting a giveaway!  I hope someone else will be as excited as I am about that!

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Fru-la-la! said...

love the pictures of the fur bebehs! Hugs about the loss of your grandfather!