Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Skinny Ruffles Shawlette....she is done!

I am very pleased with the outcome; simple, fairly quick, feels great...I used Araucania Ulmo Multy and it took 2 skeins.
I blocked it out for a couple of days, though after one night it was dry.  I just got too busy to take out the pins...or you could say I forgot!!!

I love the ruffled edge, it really sets the pattern off, as does the center line...can you tell I loved this shawl pattern???
This is the pattern and I do recommend you try it if you want a simple pattern (great for car travel, waiting in line, walking around the home improvement store with your husband) that is very pretty.  I might make another!!!  But I have a few more things to conquer in the world of knitting first!

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