Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh, the joy of tidiness...also known as Oh crap, I have way too much stuff!

That happens when you start getting organized.  I tackled my fabric and started getting my stash a little more organized.  Years ago I had read a tip about using comic book cardboard to help fold stash fabric to keep it tidy.  It works wonders....when you do it every time!  I had been tossing my stash into the baskets, but was losing track of what I had, so back to the boards.  I don't remember where, who, or when I read this tip, but I'm passing it along in the hopes it helps someone...

Easy peasy fabric scrap filing system...

1.  I went to my comic book store and bought a box of 100 comic backing boards and broke out pins I already had in the cabinet.

2.  I lay the fabric "scraps" out and place a backing board on top.  I fold the fabric around the board, which gives it stability to keep tidy in a bastket.  I secure it around the board with a straight pin.

3.  Here you see how the fabric just folds over the board and easily pins in place.
4.  I then file the fabric scraps into my baskets, which allows me to see what I have at a glance and keep things tidy :)  The backing boards support the fabric, so it doesn't just pool up in the basket.

5.  And then the baskets go into the sewing room and onto the gotta love that!!
And while you are organizing it helps to have a cat close by to help keep things running smoothly.  Ainsley is the perfect helper...but she will NOT work over-time, so make it snappy.

I hope this very simple filing system will help someone is one of the best tips I have ever found.

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jennifer said...

I was faced with the "Oh crap, I have way too much stuff " realization when we moved. My 'craft supplies' filled our Tahoe and I basically have a wing in the garage to store them. YOWZA!

Re your comment on my blog....

I don't think you are silly to miss your fur babies at all. Love and companionship is precious, whether it be from children or pets.

Have a wonderful week!