Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Where to much to share!

A co -worker brought me these lovely old aprons from her grandmother's collection.  Geez, what a treat!  I love aprons and these are so wispy.  They are hanky aprons and I washed them, hung them up to dry and they are waiting to be pressed and hung in my sewing room.  Love it!  (and I do wear them too...I feel like I'm on Mad Men :)
 If that wasn't enough of a sweet deal...I went to a fiber event...fiber yard sale to be exact.  It was about an hour from my house and well worth the trip, though it poured buckets and was cold.  Anyway, got this lovely little pile of unknown batting for spinning. (10 little puffs for $10.00)  Then...
I found a bag of handspun and a bag of bias tape and quilt binding...grabbed it up (2 bucks!)

Then... I found a table with fabric samples from a furniture store and they screamed tote bags to me!  Fifty cent each...I was elbow deep, fighting other tote bag fabric lovers.  I thought I was going to have to throw an angora rabbit on one lady, she was after my squares!!!
But I managed to grab a few and turned around to grab these two fabric bundles for a whopping $2.00.  No clue what to do with them, or even why I needed them, but $2.00 for about 6 yards....I just couldn't say NO!

I loved every cold, wet, fist fighting minute and will go again!!!  I finished it off with a Wendy's chili and side salad and headed back down the mountain :)  Good times.
...and a little pic from the Saturday night recital....all decked in my tribal gear...loving tribal.   I have to go through all the pics and share a few from the event.  I survived and as you can see I even smiled!  I didn't look constipated, like His Majesty says I usually do!  I made half of this costume and even have some of my handspun in my hair ;)  what fun!

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Fru-la-la! said...

HolyMoly, you got a deal!!! Awesome yarn pron and you look stunning in your tribal garb! How badazz are you?!!