Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How do you down or toe up?

I finally finished my "as I'm traveling" socks, which are a generic Magic Loop Top Down sock, so have to start another pair :)  It made me stop to wonder about top down vs toe up.  See...(there is always a see...) I am magic loop socks (didn't jive well with the DPN method because I kept getting 2nd sock syndrome) and the only way I have done is top down.  But I always misgauge my yarn and have extra.  With these I had 144 yards extra.  (that will become baby booties)

I would LOVE to learn toe up, but I don't know anyone that does toe up and I am frightened by it.  Yes, I'm skeerd!!!  I may have to check out YouTube for some tutorials and encouragement, but I want any opinions you may have on doing toe up.  That way I won't worry about the yarn!! :)  Brilliant!
Since I finished the socks and finished a headband, which became a short scarf and is blocking right now.  I had to cast on something else and grabbed some of my handspun/handdyed.  I am now making a hat out of it.  The hat is from Ravelry and is called Hannah and it is looking quite nice so far....
I am getting ready to start the head part and was able to knock out the band last night while watching Hoarders on Netflix.  Let me say if you have not seen this show GO WATCH IT!  I was so terrified that I would become a hoarder that I started is a little scary.  Anyway, loving the hat and also getting ready to cast on for a sweater, ikes! 

Okay, let me know how you down or toe up and give me pointers for toe up please!!


Brenda said...

I too am a top down magic looper. I have done toe up but for some reason that I can't articulate I love top down! Although....I do love the way the toe comes out on toe up and wish I could get the same look with top down.

crafterscupboard said...

I'm a toe up magic looper. ;) I like to be able to try on the sock as I go for a custom fit and the fact that I can use up as much yarn as I like. I learned it by using these links.