Thursday, September 09, 2010

Like Frankenstein....she is alive!!!

I am alive!!!  I have use of my right hand/arm, I can hold my coffee cup, I can dry my rear, I can knit for a few minutes before it starts to ache....but I can't turn a doorknob, push a stapler, carry a bag, lift anything, or hold a leash with it.  Bummer!!!  But I can knit :)  good times.

So, I haven't taken any knitting pictures because I am basically behind on that front, but I do have a few bellydance pictures to share.  Now, I HATE to have my picture taken.  I have lopsided eyes, my teeth are huge, one side of gum shows more than the other, my hair is flat, etc.  I just don't have my picture taken, except on recital night!  Then I want all the paparazzi in the world to snap away.

I think it is due to my love of costumes....LOVE them.  Love putting on make-up, big earrings, jewels on my face, feathers in my hair, LOVE to play dress take my picture.
I did one part of a tribal combo with the tambourine, which was so much fun and I got into shaking that bad boy.  And then I did the 2nd combo with feather fans...
I adore the feather fans, they are so gorgeous!  I have a thing for feathers.  You can't see, but when I made my coin bra and tassel belt I added feathers all cool!

And I had to throw this picture in, so you can see my enthusiasm for His Majesty's picture taking.  He usually gets about 20+ pictures of a blonde and brunette...that are not me....every recital.  I have lots of pictures of them....not me.

Since I won a bellydancer award this time (cool beans!!!) I was giving him the face...the one saying "you had better get a picture of me, not all the other gals up here!!!"  And he did...he got a picture of the face :)

But he didn't get a picture of this skirt...and I made it right before the recital and LOVED it.  Oh, I love bellydancing...we have a blast! off to take a picture of the knitting I'm not doing right now...


Fru-la-la! said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful you!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That is completely and utterly awesome!!!!! You looked great and congrats on the award!