Thursday, July 01, 2010

Diet Sundrop, SPF 70, and plenty of sand...

The sun and sand are plentiful here at Sunset Beach.  I don't want to leave :(  No sunburns or sunrash on my part, since I am spending most of my time under the canopy.  I have been wave hopping, but then back in the shade!  No shame from me in being pasty white.

The beach has not been very crowded and restaurant waits have been less than 30 minutes.  Barefoot Landing was a little crazy later on Monday night, but we survived!
I have eaten my way through the week and just knocked out some French Toast, delicious, that my BIL David made for breakfast.  I will be waddling to the beach in a little bit, just to have a snack :)
Vereen Gardens.
I went to the Vereen Gardens yesterday to check out the boardwalk and the marsh lands.  They are gorgeous!
There were hundreds of little crabs everywhere and it freaked me out!  I kept seeing them take me down and pinch me to death!  I recommend stopping by the Vereen Gardens if you are passing through!  (Now watch that not be the name of the place!  Remember, I am in food overload and my brain is NOT working)

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