Monday, July 19, 2010

Rockin a niddy noddy...make it yourself!

Yep, feast your eyes on what became my niddy noddy.  See, all of this TDF spinning has put a hurtin on my skeiner and I needed a niddy noddy.  Well, just needed one anyway.  So I went shopping online to find one, ikes, expensive for my budget.  I decided to just google how to make one and found tons of PVC directions out there.  They were everywhere, so I made a list of supplies and bing, bam, boom went to the home improvement store.
All of the directions were pretty much the same.  The only difference was the length of the pipes.  I had this puppy put together in 5 minutes, no joke.  And that was with the poopies wrestling under my feet.

So, go make your own.  Here is what I bought and the cost:
4 - 1/2 inch slip caps to put on the ends, total $1.08
2 - 1/2 inch Tee connectors, total .56 cent
a 1/2 inch diameter piece of PVC pipe (bought the whole piece, about 5 feet), total $1.02

The wonderful home man cut the PVC pipe for me, saving me that work!  I had it cut: the center piece 15 inches long, then 4 pieces at 5 inches long each.
Then I just put it together...looks like this.  Now I have to go and slap some yarn on it!  I love it and it was cheap and fast and saved my some moolah.
That is good since I turned my back for 10minutes and Ava and Finley did this to a cushion...(insert bad words here!!!)

The good things today included having lunch with my baby brother, Quinn.  Also, sewing 2 scrub tops and 2 pairs of Elvis pj pants, those will go in the mail to my niece tomorrow.
Oh yeah, made some blondies too and they are pretty tasty :)  Tomorrow will be making a necklace and earrings, sewing my top, knitting and spinning...and dog walking !!

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