Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Holy macaroni (which would be really good right now) I have been tagged/picked for this award.  Me!  I am so shocked and honored, yay, picked!!!  I was always one of the last picked in PE, since I have NOT a single athletic bone in my body, but we don't have time for that today or enough tissues for my melodrama..
The Versatile Blogger Award....

So, the rules are to first graciously thank the person that picked you with this award... THANK YOU CoggieTM for picking me...I'm smiling!

Now list 7 things that people may not know about you...that is tough, since I can be a blabbermouth, but I will try.

1.  I have never been able to do a cartwheel, ever, and have such shame and embarrassment that I lack the skill and coordination to do such a simple thing.  Even boys can do a cartwheel, but not me!

2.  I buy things in twos for some odd reason and not sure why I do it, but just started noticing it.  Like when I buy toothpaste I buy 2 tubes.  Buy detergent, 2 bottles.  Buy cat crack treats, 2 packages.  Buy moisturizer, yep, 2 bottles.  What is that???  OCD?  I have no idea, but my buggy always has 2 of most things...  Well, it might be that I am stockpiling for when zombies take over, since that is a possibility :)

3.  I have an addiction to doing laundry.  I find the motions of sorting, washing, folding, etc. very therapeutic and look forward to the dirty clothes piles.  (I'm not a sicko, swear)  I will even strip the bed and wash everything if I don't have a load in the hamper when I am stressed.

4.  I can't operate our TV/DVD/Wii station.  I can turn on the TV, but that is as far as it goes, so I just don't go into the man cave to watch it.  His Majesty set up the system and it is so complicated I would have to go back to college for an engineering degree to figure out how to watch a bleeping DVD, so I don't.  (and I dare not ask, oh the ridicule....I think this was his way to keep me out of there!)

5.  I don't wear shorts in public.  Okay so most people I know know this, but they don't know why.  It too is a long story, but I just don't wear shorts unless I am on vacation.  (I wear skirts and capris).   I have an issue with how my legs look and I am too self conscious to wear them.  Oh, no bathing suits either!

6.  I lick the bowl!  Yes, I am a batter bowl licker and I don't want to hear a word about the raw eggs!!  I might even go make a cake right now, just so I can lick the bowl!  There is nothing in this world like licking that bowl....ah the memories of childhood and being the chosen one to lick a beater.  Good times!

7.  I have never been waxed on any part of my body, for I am terrified of the pain!  I think I am beginning to grow a moo-stash (or so the shampoo gal told me) and probably should look into waxing that puppy off, but it scares me so much!  And don't even talk about the bikini area, that is insane!

Well, I hope that enlightened you to how abnormal I think I may be at this did me!  I will tag a few wonderful bloggers with this award and then go throw on some shorts while I make a cake, sort some towels for the wash, heat up the wax and roll around in the yard attempting a cartwheel :)  Thank you again CoggieTM

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