Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My little superfreak...part 2

Yes, the story continues...hum along with me...Rick James, bust a is the little vixen on the yarn stretcher, trying to stretch out the kinks.  Did it work?  Well, no it didn't.  That is okay though, I have accepted defeat.  I cried my tears of despair and embraced our differences.  She is what she is, kinky.  I shouldn't judge.
After all, she is mine and she looks good in a ball...with a cricket.  I haven't counted the yardage and will have to do that tomorrow.  Still no clue what I will knit with her, but I will peruse the one skein books and get some ideas.  Kinky, who knew I had that in me (wink, wink)...

And the Tour de Fleece 2010 goes on for me with this little number; a corriedale-alpaca blend that is spinning quite nicely.  I am enjoying it.  I spin and watch my Netflix shows that I am now hooked on.  Yes, my, not the wine.  That is a whole other story...I hate wine!  Yuck!!!  But then stumbled upon this winery at the festival a few weeks ago, taste tested, loved it, bought a bottle....celebrated with a swig after finishing this bobbin and starting if you enjoy wine (good for your heart!) visit Carolina Mist Winery.  It is tasty!  ....maybe I should take up drinking to help my spinning....let's ponder this over a glass of wine, shall we???

Now, show addiction in a nutshell....I am hooked on a few shows that I can only watch through Netflix, since we only have an antenna and get 3 channels (basically, depending on the weather).  My secret pleasure viewing includes:
Sons of Anarchy, Rescue Me, Dexter, The Tudors, The Riches, Tru Blood, and Breaking name a few.  Do you see a pattern?  I think I am a delinquent!

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