Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dogs and similar (and a TDF update)

Have you ever stopped to think about how dogs and children are alike?  I did today and I feel there is a strong comparison between the two.  Maybe it is just me, but tell me what you think.

1.  You can never go to the bathroom by yourself.  There is always a little one trailing behind you to see where you are going and what you are doing.
2.  It never fails that when you get on the phone they immediately need to tell you something. Never mind they have been quiet for the last 45 minutes, completely ignoring you.  You will hear (at loud volumes) mommy, mommy, mommy/bark, bark, bark!!!!!!
3.  When you finally have 10 minutes of quiet (everyone else taking a nap or playing quietly) to sit and knit, spin, or close your eyes they instantly spring to life and begin destroying something.  If you are busy, they are fine.  If you sit down, chaos ensues.
4.  They do not want to share snacks, toys, or pillows.  Even if you give them an identical snack, they believe the other one has a bigger one or one that tastes better.  Even if you give them an identical toy, they must take the other's toy away and play with it....they do not share!
5.  They choose the moment you are walking out the door (with someplance to go and needing to look presentable) to throw up, pee, poop, knock over food/liquids...which land on YOU...or muddy feet.
6.  It never fails when you are in the check out line that they pitch a fit for whatever candy, hot wheel, pig ear, or tennis ball is hanging at the register....and scream/bark loudly and embarrass you to no end.
7.  They do not listen!  You tell them to quit picking on each other and be sweet and they torment one another...they smack with their hands/paws, they steal treats, they yell in each other's ears, they sit on each other's get the picture.
8.  They do the cutest things (repeatedly) until you want to show someone, then they act like you are making it up and refuse to cooperate.
9.  When they do something they know is wrong they run and hide.  It is usually after they come look at you (to see if you are on to them) then take off and hide.
And I began to wonder why do I do it...why torment myself with this madness.  People often tell me that since I don't have children I don't understand...well you are wrong.  I do understand.  I have not slept a full night in months, since Ava came along.  She has to get up and pee during the night, she barks for a drink of water, blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, I wondered why and then I remembered why we keep these poopies (and kids) around.  At night, after a long day of fussing, work, grumpiness, cleaning up a hundred little messes....they curl up beside you and lay their beautiful little heads in your lap.  They look up at you with big, puppy dog eyes full of love and trust and your heart fills with happiness.  That is why...the sweet moments.

And on the TDF update....still spinning along on the corriedale/alpace, which I like.  On bobbin number 2 and hoping to have 4 bobbins when I am done with this batt. 
The colors are a gold/yellow/brown/rust...hard to describe, but very much like fall leaves here in North Carolina.  Beautiful...

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Jessica said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your dogs are cute :) I love the color of that yarn, it reminds me of home. I grew up in the NC mountains.