Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tour de fleece day I'm tired!

I had no idea how tiring spinning everyday with purpose could be...I'm tired!  Day 5 was finishing the orange marshmallow stuff and today I skeined it up and it is on the yarn stretcher now.   82 yards of fluff, no clue what to do with it, but it is there....hopefully not to be eaten by one of the cats while I am sleeping tonight.
Yes, the lighting is terrible, that is what happens with energy saving bulbs at 9pm, you can't see a thing!!!  Tomorrow is back to the potty training yellow batt, which I think I am just doing a single with...another experiment.
                          And for your daily dose of "ah" or "hahahaha" here is a little swimming shot of me topless...
Yes, old pic, thinking I was not more than 2 or three.  That is my sister (aka Wheezy) in the background.  It is hot here, hot I say!  95 today and hot!  Probably hot back then too...time for water and umbrella drinks....or ice cream maker cranking up....I need some good ice cream maker recipes, preferably low fat...

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