Sunday, July 04, 2010

Little sideline projects....girl gotta multitask

So, I have this thing about multitasking, I have to do it or I feel lazy, unproductive, stale.  Right before I left for my mini vacation I found little blank totes at the local craft store.  Only $1.29 and screaming my name.  I grabbed a few, came home and made some little travel knitting bags for projects.  These aren't the ones I wanted from the LYS, but they fit my budget :)  I can't pay the $25.00 to $40.00 for those...but I can still slobber on them while there!
I had to make a little stop by my LYS and grabbed some yummy yarn and a pattern while there.  They were even having a 20% off sale of the store for the owner's bday.  That's my kind of stop!!!  Anyway, I added more yarn to the stash and need to go do something with it.  Or at least move it around in the armoire so I feel like I have done something with it!

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